Cursos, Congresos y Conferencias Octubre 2012



Cursos, Congresos y Conferencias 2012

InfoTrad 2 de Octubre de 2012

octubre 2012

3-5 October 2012 Communication of Certainty and Uncertainty: Linguistic, Psychological, Philosophical Aspects, Macerata, Italy
4-5 October 2012 Language and Analogy. Frozenness. Argumentation. Sfax-Tozeur, Tunisia
4-5 October 2012 The Future of Translation and Localisation, TM-Europe 2012, Warsaw, Poland
5-6 October 2012 Greece in Translation, Oxford, UK
5-9 October 2012 11th World Congress of Semiotics “Global Semiotics: Bridging Different Civilizations”, Nanjing, China
10-12 October 2012 3rd European Conference on Plurilingualism, ‘Languages without Borders: Plurilingualism’, Rome, Italy
10-12 October 2012 Traduire sans papiers : Poétiques de la traduction/politiques de la traductologie Illegal Translation: Poetics/Politics of Translation, Lyon, France
10-12 October 2012 Terminology – responsibility and awareness, European Association for Terminology EAFT Terminology Summit 2012, Oslo, Norway
12-14 October 2012 4th International Congress Applied Linguistics Today (ALT 4), Belgrade, Serbia
15-16 October 2012 Translation Automation User Society TAUS User Conference, Seattle, WA, USA
15-18 October 2012 3rd European Conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, Porto, Portugal
17-19 October 2012 Localization World Conference, 3rd XLIFF Symposium, FEISGILTT 2012, Seattle, Washington, USA
17-21 October 2012 Conference of Interpreter Trainers CIT  Conference 2012, Charlotte, NC, USA
18-19 October 2012 Voices of Suspense and their Translation in Thrillers, Madrid, Spain
18-20 octobre 2012 De eventibus, Colloque international, Opole, Pologne
19-21 October 2012 1st International Pragmatics Conference of the Americas and the 5th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics, Charlotte, NC, USA
23-25 October 2012 tcworld conference 2012, Wiesbaden, Germany
24-27 October 2012 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA, San Diego, California, USA
25-26 October 2012 Plurilingualism and the Labour Market. The Quality of Communication, Udine, Italy
25-27 October 2012 Taboo Conference, Forlì, Italy
25-27 octubre 2012 RITerm 2012: Terminología, Traducción y TIC, Alicante, España
25-28 October 2012 Translation and Interpretation in the Age of Globalization: Looking Back and Looking Ahead, Fourth International Anniversary Conference, Cluj Napoca, Romania
26.-28. Oktober 2012 “Health & Language / Gesundheit & Sprache” (VERBAL-Workshop, ÖLT), Innsbruck, Österreich

Noviembre 2012

1-3 novembre 2012 La traduction dans des contextes de multilinguisme officiel, Colloque international, Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada)
4-11 November 2012 6th Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Proverbs, Tavira, Portugal
6-8 November 2012 2nd International Conference on Humour in Conventional and Unconventional Politics, Galati, Romania
6-12 November 2012 Migrations: Linguistic Disease & Cultural Heritage, Teramo, Italy
8-9 November 2012 Eurolinguistics and the Challenge of Language Barriers in the Public Service, Rende, Cosenza, Italy
8-10 November 2012 Mediterranean Editors and Translators 8th Meeting, Venice, Italy
8-10 November 2012 IPCITI 2012 8th International Postgraduate Conference in Translating and Interpreting, Dublin, Ireland
8-10 November 2012 To be or not to be… an interpreter. New approaches to training, research and professionalization, 4th Lucentino International Symposium, Alicante, Spain
10-11 November 2012 Translation and Interpreting Forum Olomouc 2012, “Tradition and Trends in Trans-Language Communication”, Olomouc, Czech Republic
12-14 November 2012 ALAA Applied Linguistics Association of Australia  2012 Annual Conference, Perth, Australia
21-23 November 2012 NORDISCO 2012, 2nd Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction, Linköping, Sweden
21-23 November 2012 Languages & The Media, Translating in Multilingual Communities, 9th International Conference & Exhibition on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media, Berlin, Germany
22-23 November 2012 2nd International Conference on Cultures and Languages in Contact, El Jadida, Morocco
22-23 November 2012 International Colloquium Intercultural Management and the Transmission of Meaning: Analysis of Cross-Cultural Communication and Management Dynamics, Paris, France
26-27 November 2012 33rd Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal
27-29 November 2012 5th Asian Translation Traditions Conference (ATT5-Sharjah), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
28-30 November 2012 International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems (IWSDS 2012), Towards a Natural Interaction with Robots, Knowbots and Smartphones, Paris, France
29-30 November 2012 Translating and the Computer 34, Conference and Exhibition, London, UK

Diciembre 2012

1-3 December 2012 “JUBILATION 25” – AUSIT Biennial Conference, Sydney, Australia
3-5 December 2012 Language and Literature: Challenges in an Aliterate Age, Birkat al Mouz, Nizwa, Oman
5-7 December 2012 Changing Times, changing exchanges, Tunis, Tunisia
6-7 December 2012 International Meeting on Languages, Applied Linguistics and Translation, Évora, Portugal
6-8 December 2012 Applied Linguistics & Professional Practice, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
10-11 December 2012 Spoken Language in a Multimodal Context, Barcelona, Spain
11-13 December 2012 Eighth Symposium on Translation, Interpretation and Terminology Cuba-Canada, Havanna, Cuba
12-14 December 2012 Translating figurative language, Bologna, Italy
13-14 December 2012 Doing the right thing: Ethics and deontology in translation and writing, Antwerp, Belgium
14 December 2012 2012 Language and Language Teaching Conference, Pingtung County, Taiwan
20-21 December 2012 Writing Chinese Translation History: Fifth Young Researchers’ Conference on Chinese Translation Studies, Hong Kong

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