Normas y Ética Profesional para Intérpretes Jurados


 Professional Standards and Ethics for California Court Interpreters. [e-Book] San Francisco, Judicial Council of California, 2008


This manual is intended to inform interpreters of their professional and ethical responsibilities so that they are better able to deal with the difficulties that commonly arise in matters involving non-English-speaking parties in the judicial system. It also serves as a reference and springboard for discussion in conjunction with the Judicial Council Ethics Workshop, which is provided as an integral part of the education and certification or registration of court interpreters in the State of California. In addition to the regulations and recommendations provided here, it is important to note that different courts have their own rules and ways of conducting business. It is the interpreter’s duty to learn and follow these rules as well. In the courtroom, the judge is the final arbiter of what is appropriate. The more prepared and informed you are about professional practices and the purpose of established norms and principles, the more you, together with all officers of the court, will be able to further the interests of justice. This manual is based largely on the rules and principles set forth in rule 2.890 of the California Rules of Court (“Professional conduct for interpreters”, see appendix A); California Standards of Judicial Administration adopted by the Judicial Council of California for interpreted proceedings (Standard 2.10 and Standard 2.11; see appendix C); the Standards for Performance and Professional Responsibility for Contract Court Interpreters in the Federal Courts (see appendix E) and W. E. Hewitt, Court Interpretation: Model Guides for Policy and Practice in the State Courts, Publication R-167 (Williamsburg, Virginia: State Justice Institute, 1995).

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