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Formula y metafora

Marco, C. (2014). [e-Book] Formula e metafora, Ledizioni – LediPublishing Texto completo:

Figure di scienziati nelle letterature e culture contemporanee.In un frammento pubblicato il 10 dicembre 1810 nei suoi «Berliner Abendblätter», Heinrich von Kleist sosteneva che “gli uomini si potrebbero dividere in due categorie: quelli che si intendono di metafore e quelli che si intendono di formule”. A due secoli di distanza, questo volume prende a prestito la coppia kleistiana “formula e metafora” per indagare le sorti dello scienziato come personaggio nelle letterature e culture di una contemporaneità intesa nel senso più ampio possibile.

Antconc: software libre para análisis de corpus textuales



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El análisis de corpus es una forma de análisis de texto que le permite hacer comparaciones entre los objetos de texto a gran escala (llamada «lectura distante»). Lo que permite ver cosas que no vemos como lectores habituales. Si se dispone de una colección de documentos, es posible que se desee encontrar patrones de uso gramatical, o frases que se repiten con frecuencia en el corpus. Así como encontrar frases estadísticamente probables y / o improbables para un autor o tipo de texto en particular, determinados tipos de estructuras gramaticales o una gran cantidad de ejemplos de un concepto en particular en un número amplio de documentos en su contexto. Análisis Corpus es especialmente útil para triangulación de textos resultados de otros métodos digitales.


AntConc es un paquete de software independiente para el análisis lingüístico de textos, libremente disponible para Windows , Mac OS y Linux que permite trabajarr en un PDF o un documento de Word.

Más herramientas de Software libre para Traducción

Children’s Books : libros de texto infantiles gratis en inglés


Children’s Books : Libros gratuitos ilustrados para niños en inglés.


  • byGosh: Libros ilistrados y cuentos
  • Munseys: 2.000 títulos para niños, además de libros sobre religión, biografías y mucho más.
  • International Children’s Digital Library: : Encuentra libros premiados y busca por categorías como grupo de edad, Libros de ficción, libros de historias o libros ilustrados.
  • Lookybook:  libros ilustrados infantiles
  • Weeble: libros electrónicos infantiles gratuitos en español
  • Plan de Lectura. Portal argentino de lectura para niños

Libros de texto gratuitos para la enseñanza y aprendizaje de lenguas


Morning coffee Translation 2015/06/22

Morning Coffee Translation – Noticias sobre Traducción

La nueva sección de InfoTrad sobre las últimas noticias y post de los blogs de Traducción

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Morning coffee Translation 2015/06/16

Morning Coffee Translation – Noticias sobre Traducción

La nueva sección de InfoTrad sobre las últimas noticias y post de los blogs de Traducción

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Sonidos en la traducción: Intersecciones de la música, la tecnología y la sociedad.

Amy, C. and N. Alistair (2009). [e-Book] Sounds in translation : Intersections of music, technology and society. Canberra, The Australian National University. Texto completo:

Sounds in Translation: Intersections of music, technology and society joins a growing number of publications taking up R. Murray Schafer’s challenge to examine and to re-focus attention on the sound dimensions of our human environment. This book takes up his challenge to contemporary audiologists, musicologists and sound artists working within areas of music, cultural studies, media studies and social science to explore the idea of the soundscape and to investigate the acoustic environment that we inhabit. It seeks to raise questions regarding the translative process of sound: 1) what happens to sound during the process of transfer and transformation; and 2) what transpires in the process of sound production/expression/performance. Sounds in Translation was conceived to take advantage of new technology and a development in book publishing, the electronic book. Much of what is written in the book is best illustrated by the sound itself, and in that sense, permits sound to speak for itself.

La parte positiva de la traducción freelance

Adams, N. Y. and A. Morris ( 2014). [e-Book] The Bright Side of Freelance Translation, NYA Communications, 2014

Texto completo

Health warning: the reading of these stories is liable to seriously inspire you. This e-book is not about translators who are genetically predisposed to be happy or look only on the bright side of life, but rather those who realise that the solutions to the ups, downs, bounties and challenges of life as a freelance translator are in their hands, and their hands alone, who buckle down, refuse to whinge and get on with the job. It’s sometimes a slow journey, full of twists and turns, and there are occasional setbacks as well as lucky breaks, but there is no going back, and certainly no looking for outside sources on which to blame all our woes.The path towards transforming your business life starts with taking a look at yourself: your values and your needs, the way you present yourself both in person and online, the way you promote your services. It’s also about the organisation and discipline you bring to your work and the way you value your own services and skills. Even when all that is in place, it’s about not standing still, but continually growing, pushing yourself, broadening your horizons.If you start to work on all these fronts, encouraged and motivated by some of the stories you are about to read, then there are simply no limits to the discoveries you might make. So sit back, make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, and open up your mind to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Vínculos literarios entre Europa Central y los Países Bajos

Heuckelom Van, K., D. Bruyn De, et al. (2012). [e-Book] Van Eeden tot heden : Literaire dwarsverbanden tussen Midden-Europa en de Lage Landen. Tilburg, Academia Press

Texto completo

Ranging from Polish inspirations in contemporary authors such as Bernlef, Frank Westerman and Erwin Mortier, over the Central European successes of the now forgotten Jo van Ammers-Küller, to the Bulgarian character Firmin Debeljanov in The Sorrow of Belgium: with its focus on the various interrelations between the contemporary literature of the Low countries and the so-called smaller literary cultures located between the German and the Russian language areas, the volume Van Eeden tot heden offers a multi-faceted perspective on a hitherto barely explored topic in twentieth-century European literature. Due to the academic background of the contributing authors the emphasis is on Polish, Hungarian and Czech case studies, though the Balkans are also being dealt with – albeit less prominently. Whereas some contributions search for contacts, links and influences between literatures and literators, some other chapters set up textual encounters in which authors and their works are compared from a thematic, poetic, stylistic or generic angle. Apart from these comparative endeavors, another group of contributors offer reception analysis regarding the overall topic. In the last part of the volume the focus is on issues of (national) representation and the discursive strategies that are used for it.

Traducción, promoción y recepción en Italia, España, Cataluña, Portugal y Rumanía

Ross, D., M. Mertens, et al.. [e-Book] Ieder zijn eigen Arnon Grunberg; Vertaling, promotie en receptie in Italië, Spanje, Catalonië, Portugal en Roemenië. Tilburg, Universiteit van Tilburg, 2012

Texto completo

This third volume of Lage Landen Studies offers a glimpse of recent international and internationalizing trends in Dutch Studies. It presents a comparative view of the virtually synchronic dynamics of the translation, promotion and reception of contemporary Dutch author Arnon Grunberg in five Romance languages between 1996 and 2009.This interdisciplinary approach, which focuses on the crossroads of language, literature and culture, as well as on aspects of the sociologies of literature and translation, is combined with views from translation studies, comparative literature, and bibliology in order to build bridges between theory and practice.The first part is devoted to the seldom-heard perspective of the translator and dissects the circumstances in which works by Arnon Grunberg – and by his heteronym Marek van der Jagt – are translated, promoted and received in five Romance languages. The function and ‘visual translation’ of book covers are also analyzed. Notwithstanding the relative homogeneity of the languages, their cultural background and geographical location, remarkable differences come to light. The first part rounds off by looking at the promotional possibilities of writer’s tours and translation workshops in the target countries.