Guide to Localization of Open Source Software

Pustakalaya, M. P. [e-Book] Guide to Localization of Open Source Software Ottawa, Canada, International Development Research Center, 2010.

Texto completo

The release of NepaLinux 1.0 in December 2005, by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya was a major breakthrough for software localization in Nepal. The open source nature and no licensing cost of NepaLinux provided a viable alternative to more costly proprietary software in Nepali. This localization work was based on existing open source distributions in Linux. While the open source movement has provided free, open and easy access to the source code, accelerating localization development, the need to document the processes involved has also become equally important to trigger further localization for under-resourced languages. This Linux localization guide is a compilation of the experiences of the Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya localization team while they worked on the localization of Debian and Morphix based GNU/Linux Distribution in Nepali. Special attention has been given in making the content useful to those undertaking the localization work for the first time for other languages in their respective languages. Illustrations in most cases are based on the works in the Nepali language. However, information about the basic steps and procedures for localization has been made as generic as possible, in order to ensure that any language may fit into the description provided. During the preparation of this guide, a large number of resources invaluable to both beginners and experts of localization have been consulted. References have been provided for further reading for these topics.

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