Guide to Localization Management

 Guide to Localization Management,  [e-Book] Rubric, 2004.

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Localization can bring a great deal of value to a company. Many world-class companies already generate in excess of 60% of their revenue outside of their core domestic market, forging relationships with many global markets rich with opportunities. It is only logical that for many products and services, localized versions generate better results and engender deeper loyalty with your target audience. However, localization can be a complex process and requires effective management. Effective localization management can generate tremendous cost efficiencies in the production process. Taken to its optimal level, it can change the way in which a company develops its core products and authors its source content. A company ideally translates these efficiencies across departments, resulting in further localization production gains in an ongoing efficiency-generation cycle. This can lead to solid “production return-on-investment (ROI)”. Producing versions of products and services to be sold globally can generate signifi- cant revenue increases. Through proper collaboration with executive management and other departments, localization management can help the company to achieve not only production ROI, but also “business ROI” objectives. These would include increasing global revenue and market share, satisfying global customers, enhancing global brand equity, reducing relative support costs and positively affecting the company’s share price.

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