Open Translation Tools

Open Translation Tools, [e-Book] FLOSS, 2011.

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This manual was collaboratively designed and written by a community of Open Translation innovators using the FLOSSManuals platform. It is the product of the first-ever Open Translation Tools Book Sprint, and builds on work done at two Open Translation Tools convergences, a pair of live events designed by Aspiration ( and realized in collaboration with a wonderful set of partner organizations and the support of generous and forward-looking funders. The Open Translation Tools Book Sprint was held in De Waag, a beautiful historic building located in the center of Amsterdam, kindly provided as a venue by De Waag Society for Old and New Media ( Many thanks to Lucas Evers and Christine van den Horn for organising the venue and being fantastic hosts. The first Open Translation Tools Convergence (OTT07) took place in late 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia, co-organized by Aspiration and Multimedia Institute ( Supported by the generosity of the Open Society Institute (, with additional support provided by TechSoup Global (, this event produced the initial framing paper on Open Translation, .The second Open Translation Tools event was held in Amsterdam in June 2009, and was coorganised by Aspiration, FLOSS Manuals (, and OTT09 was again supported by the Open Society Institute, with generous additional travel support from the Ford Foundation ( OTT09 was held at Theater de Cameleon (, who provided a stunning facility and top-notch hospitality.

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