Gramática inglesa para Dummies



Woods, G. (2010). [e-Book]  English Grammar for Dummies. London, Wiley Publishing, 2010.

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When you’re a grammarian, people react to you in interesting — and sometimes downright strange — ways. When the first edition of English Grammar For Dummies came out in 2001, an elderly man asked me about something that had puzzled him for eight decades:  Why did his church, St. Paul’s, include an apostrophe in its name? (For the answer, turn to Chapter 11.) My nephew called to inquire whether his company’s sign in Times Square should include a semicolon. I said no, though the notion of a two-story-tall neon semicolon was tempting. Lots of people became tonguetied, sure that I was judging their choice of who or whom. They worried needlessly, because I consider myself off-duty when I’m not teaching or writing. In this second edition of English Grammar For Dummies, I explain  modern, upto-the-minute usage. Grammar does change, though usually an elderly snail moves faster than a grammarian pondering whether to drop a comma. As the world is now texting, tweeting, and PowerPointing all over the place, this edition of English Grammar For Dummies shows you how to handle all sorts of electronic communications, with special attention to business situations. In the current fragile economy, you need every possible edge, and proper grammar is always an advantage. Besides, you don’t want to sit around deciding how to create a grammatically correct bullet point when you could be lobbying the boss for a raise.

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