Sello Europeo de la Lengua: Empoderar a las personas



European language label: Empowering people. Brussels: European Commission, 2012

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Ten years ago, in the conclusions of the European Council of Barcelona, a very ambitious objective was created: ‘Mother tongue + 2’, which should allow citizens in Europe to acquire knowledge and skills in two foreign languages, other than their mother tongue. In celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Barcelona declaration, it is important to take stock, since significant steps were taken in all European countries in the last decade to make this objective come true. A key-role was played by the European Language Label (ELL). This Europe-wide initiative is the successful result of a promising pilot project that was launched by the European Commission in 1998 following the recommendations of the 1995 White Paper on Teaching and Learning, focussing on the objective ‘Innovative ways to learn languages’. The initial aims were mainly to identify and disseminate innovative projects in language teaching and learning at European level. Since the very beginning this project has shown great potential. Already in the first year of the initiative, nearly 150 projects were labelled. Why learn languages? Indeed, because languages make us all feel citizens of the worl

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