Comprender el «mal inglés»…: una introducción a las actitudes e ideologías del lenguaje

Making Sense of

Peterson, Elizabeth. Making Sense of «Bad English»: An Introduction to Language Attitudes and Ideologies. London: Taylor & Francis,

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Why is it that some ways of using English are considered «good» and others are considered «bad»? Why are certain forms of language termed elegant, eloquent or refined, whereas others are deemed uneducated, coarse, or inappropriate? Making Sense of «Bad English» is an accessible introduction to attitudes and ideologies towards the use of English in different settings around the world. Outlining how perceptions about what constitutes «good» and «bad» English have been shaped, this book shows how these principles are based on social factors rather than linguistic issues and highlights some of the real-life consequences of these perceptions.

Table of Contents

List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Rationale for this book; Terminology used in this book; Introduction to Part 1: Making sense of «Bad English»; Chapter 1. English speakers in outer-circle and expanding-circle settings; Chapter 2: Where does «Good English» come from, and what does it have to do with Santa Claus?; Chapter 3. «Bad» English in inner-circle settings; Chapter 4. How «Bad English» works against us: linguistic discrimination in the USA; Chapter 5: Why does «Bad English» still exist?; Introduction to Part 2; Chapter 6: Acquisition of English as a mother tongue; Chapter 7: African American English; Chapter 8. Competing explanations for linguistic features in the outer circle; Chapter 9: English as a lingua franca; Summary of Part 2 ;Chapter 10. Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.

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