Traducción y arte contemporáneo: encuentros transdisciplinarios

Vidal Claramonte, Mª Carmen África. Translation and Contemporary Art: Transdisciplinary Encounters. London: Rotledge, 2022

Primeras páginas 1-38

The book takes as its point of departure the idea that texts are comprised of not only words but other semiotic systems and therefore expanding our notions of both language and translation can better equip us to translate stories told via non-traditional means in novel ways. While the «outward turn» has been analyzed in literature, Vidal directs this spotlight to contemporary art, a field which has already engaged in disciplinary connections with Translation Studies. The volume highlights how the unpacking of such connections between disciplines encourages engagement with contemporary social issues, around identity, power, migration, and globalization, and in turn, new ways of thinking and bringing about wider cultural change.

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