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Guía de árabe coloquial para principiantes

FROM MSA to CA: A Beginner’s Guide to Transitioning to Colloquial Arabic
Lina Gomaa, Portland State University


This book is for students who have studied Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for one year or more and would like to learn colloquial Arabic basics using their knowledge of MSA.

Gramática de los dialectos beduinos del centro y sur del Sinaí,

De Jong, R. E.  [e-Book] A Grammar of the Bedouin Dialects of Central and Southern Sinai, Brill, 2011

Texto completo 

After publishing A Grammar of the Bedouin Dialects of the Northern Sinai Littoral: Bridging the Linguistic Gap between the Eastern and Western Arab World (Brill:2000), Rudolf de Jong completes his description of the Bedouin dialects of the Sinai Desert of Egypt by adding the present volume. To facilitate direct comparison of all Sinai dialects, the dialect descriptions in both volumes run parallel and are thus structured in the same manner. Quoting from his own extensive material and using a total of 95 criteria for comparison, De Jong applies the method of ‘multi-dimensional scaling’ and his own ‘step-method’ to arrive at a subdivision into eight (of which seven are ‘Bedouin’) typological groups in Sinai. An appendix with 68 maps and dialectrometrical plots completes the picture.