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La investigación sobre la escritura: un paradigma contextualista para la retórica y la composición




Johanek, C.. [e-Book] Composing Research: A Contextualist Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition. Utah Utah State University, University Libraries, 2000

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In Composing Research, Cindy Johanek offers a new perspective on the ideological conflict between qualitative and quantitative research approaches, and the theories of knowledge that inform them. With a paradigm that is sensitive to the context of one’s research questions, she argues, scholars can develop less dichotomous forms that invoke the strengths of both research traditions. Context-oriented approaches can lift the narrative from beneath the numbers in an experimental study, for example, or bring the useful clarity of numbers to an ethnographic study.

Composición y escritura en la lengua inglesa



Sirc, G. (2002). [e-Book]  English Composition as a Happening. Utah Utah State University, University Libraries, 2002

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From the Introduction: “Contemporary Composition is still inflected by the epistemic turn taken in the 1980s, convincing me that we need to remember what we’ve forgotten—namely, how impassioned resolves and thrilling discoveries were abandoned and why. I’d like to retrace the road not taken in Composition Studies, to salvage what can still be recovered… I want to inspect the wreckage, in order to show what was the promise of the Happenings for Composition, as well as the huge gray longueur of its pale replacement, Eighties Composition. In so doing, I hope to begin a reconfiguration of our field’s pre- and after history.” What happened to the bold, kicky promise of writing instruction in the 1960s? The current conservative trend in composition is analyzed allegorically by Geoffrey Sirc in this book-length homage to Charles Deemer’s 1967 article, in which the theories and practices of Happenings artists (multi-disciplinary performance pioneers) were used to invigorate college writing. Sirc takes up Deemer’s inquiry, moving through the material and theoretical concerns of such pre- and post-Happenings influences as Duchamp and Pollock, situationists and punks, as well as many of the Happenings artists proper.

Las claves de la escritura creativa


Bishop, W. and D. Starkey. [e-Book]  Keywords in Creative Writing. Utah Utah State University, University Libraries, 2006

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Wendy Bishop and David Starkey have created a remarkable resource volume for creative writing students and other writers just getting started. In two- to ten-page discussions, these authors introduce forty-one central concepts in the fields of creative writing and writing instruction, with discussions that are accessible yet grounded in scholarship and years of experience. Keywords in Creative Writing provides a brief but comprehensive introduction to the field of creative writing through its landmark terms, exploring concerns as abstract as postmodernism and identity politics alongside very practical interests of beginning writers, like contests, agents, and royalties. This approach makes the book ideal for the college classroom, and unique in the field, combining the pragmatic accessibility of popular writer’s handbooks, with a wider, more scholarly vision of theory and research.

Estudio Estilístico en Composición y Retórica.


Butler, P. [e-Book]  Out of Style: Reanimating Stylistic Study in Composition and Rhetoric. Utah : University Libraries, 2008

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Butler applauds the emerging interest in the study of style among compositionists, arguing that the loss of stylistics from composition in recent decades left it alive only in the popular imagination as a set of grammar conventions. Butler’s goal in Out of Style is to articulate style as a vital and productive source of invention, and to redefine its importance for current research, theory, and pedagogy. In so doing, he offers an important revisionist history of the field by reading it specifically through the canon of style. In addition, Butler argues that it is through style that scholars in the field can find a needed entry into public discussions about writing. Scholars in composition know that the ideas about writing most common in the discourse of public intellectuals are egregiously backward. Without a vital approach to stylistics, Butler argues, writing studies will never dislodge the controlling fantasies of self-authorized pundits in the nation’s intellectual press. Composition must answer with a public discourse that is responsive to readers’ ongoing interest in style but is also grounded in composition theory.edu/usupress_pubs/162

Prácticas fundamentales de escritura en línea


Foundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction, Parlor Press, 2015

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Foundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction addresses the questions and decisions that administrators and instructors most need to consider when developing online writing programs and courses.

Retórica china y escritura: una introducción para profesores de idiomas


Chinese Rhetoric and Writing: An Introduction for Language Teachers
Andy Kirkpatrick, Griffith University
Zhichang Xu, Monash University

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The authors of Chinese Rhetoric and Writing offer a response to the argument that Chinese students’ academic writing in English is influenced by “culturally nuanced rhetorical baggage that is uniquely Chinese and hard to eradicate.

Guía de escritura


Jeffrey, Robin. About Writing: A Guide. Open Oregon Educational Resources, 2016

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This writer’s reference condenses and covers everything a beginning writing student should need to successfully compose college-level work.

La Tabla Periódica de la Ortografía


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Juan Romeu, un lingüista español ha diseñado una tabla periódica a la que añade una norma ortográfica para cada elemento. La tabla fue publicada en el blog Sin Faltas

Literatura de multidão e intermidialidade: ensaios sobre ler e escrever o presente.


Justino, L. B.. [e-Book] Literatura de multidão e intermidialidade: ensaios sobre ler e escrever o presente. São Paulo, EDUEPB Scielo, 2015.

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midialidade e a da literatura de multidão. A fronteira entre elas é tênue e provisória. O que as separa é um filtro que tanto deixa passar quanto retém. É um livro de crítica, um exercício de experimentação crítica que propõe um olhar transversal sobre as obras, com a finalidade de compreendê-las por aquilo que nelas remete para as formas de vida, para os espaços de produção simbólica e de sua logística de circulação e consumo.

Schriftträger – Textträger. Zur materialen Präsenz des Geschriebenen in frühen Gesellschaften


Kehnel, A. P. D. [e-Book] Schriftträger – Textträger. Zur materialen Präsenz des Geschriebenen in frühen Gesellschaften. De Gruyter, 2014

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Schriftträgeroder auchTextträger verkörpern den Zusammenhang zwischen Schrift tragenden Artefakten und kulturellen Praktiken. Sie handeln an, mit und infolge von Geschriebenem, indem sie Artefakte mit Sequenzen sprachlicher Zeichen verbinden. Der Band möchte neue interpretative Ansätze im Umgang mit ‚Schriftzeugnissen‘ vergangener Kulturen erproben. Die hier ausgewählten Studien zu verschiedenen Textträgern sollen einen Beitrag zur Entschlüsselung der rezeptionspraktischen ‚Text-Akteur-Relationen‘ leisten. Gefragt wird nach dem Verhältnis zwischen Text und seinen materiellen Trägern, nach dem Einfluss der Textträger nicht in erster Linie auf den Inhalt, sondern auf den Gebrauch der Texte. In welcher Weise bestimmt die Materialität eines Textes seine Rezeption und Wahrnehmung? Verändert der Gebrauch eines Texts seinen Träger? Verändert die Materialität des Trägers den Text? Bringen Textträger eigene Textpraktiken hervor? Untersucht werden Artefakte wie Scherben, Rotuli, Bücher, Haut, Grabsteine, Fluchtafeln, Buchamulette, Vasen, Felsen, tote und lebendige Körper, Wände, Rinden usw.