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Niveles de idioma en inglés




Discourse, Pragmatics, Grammar, Lexis, Semantics and Phonology. Key terminology and links to contextual factors. Ideal for lesson or revision.


10 reglas para lograr fluidez en inglés: Aprende a aprender inglés como lengua extranjera con éxito



Kelleher, Anthony. “10 Rules for Achieving English Fluency: Learn how to successfully learn English as a foreign language” (English Edition) Versión Kindle 2018

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¿Deseas saber cómo los estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés dominan el idioma y adquieren fluidez? El libro esboza las 10 reglas para adquirir fluidez en inglés después de años de enseñanza. 

Do you want to know how successful English learners master the language and become fluent? I have outlined the 10 rules for becoming fluent in English after years of teaching. These are the same rules that all my top students used to become masters with the English language.

Implement 1 of these rules, and your English will improve. Implement all 10, and you’re sure to become an excellent English speaker.



Gramática Intermedia 1: Domina completamente 15 estructuras gramaticales de inglés usando este libro y los MP3s



Grammar Launch Intermediate 1: Completely master 15 English grammar structures using this book and the Grammar Launch MP3s so you can reach your goal of becoming fluent in English. (English Edition) Versión Kindle


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Grammar Launch Intermediate 1 will bring you from your current level of English to the next level. Would you like to use English grammar more effectively? Do you want to know exactly how to use structures like had better, the present perfect, used to and the future tenses? This book can help you achieve all these and more.

You will learn how to use these selected grammar structures in detail, so that you can fully master each one.

This book contains over 450 natural examples of the grammar structures. You also get free access to the MP3 packs which will ingrain the English in your brain.
Level up your English today with Grammar Launch Intermediate 1!

In this book, you’ll learn:

• how to use 15 common grammar structures in English.

• detailed examples of each structure.

• how we use these structures in natural, native English.

• how to access the Grammar Launch MP3s to accelerate your English fluency.

El lenguaje es la clave: El Modelo de Puntos de Referencia de la Lengua en Canadá


Jezak, M. (2017). [e-Book]  Language is the Key: The Canadian Language Benchmarks Model, University of Ottawa Press / Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa, 2017.

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This book is intended for broad readership. Given the dearth of comprehensive appraisals of the Canadian Benchmark system, it is meant as a basic academic reference for discussion, in the Canadian context, of language policy, linguistic integration of adult migrants, second language teacher education, and taskbased language learning. It is relevant to Canadian researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, policy-makers, and various second language training stakeholders (administrators, instructors, assessors, curriculum and teaching material designers, and others). Finally, the book is of relevance internationally as well, in an ongoing reflection in the community of researchers and political decision-makers concerned with similar products abroad, such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and the ACTFL guidelines.Language is the Key propose un examen du modaale reconnu de formation linguistique en langues officielles offerte aux immigrants adultes qui arrivent au Canada – les niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC), ou Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB).

Composición del inglés


Sirc, G. (2002). [e-Book]  English Composition As A Happening. Utah, Utah State University Press, 2002.

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What happened to the bold, kicky promise of writing instruction in the 1960s? The current conservative trend in composition is analyzed allegorically by Geoffrey Sirc in this book-length homage to Charles Deemer’s 1967 article, in which the theories and practices of Happenings artists (multi-disciplinary performance pioneers) were used to invigorate college writing. Sirc takes up Deemer’s inquiry, moving through the material and theoretical concerns of such pre- and post-Happenings influences as Duchamp and Pollock, situationists and punks, as well as many of the Happenings artists proper. With this book, already a cult classic, began a neo-avant-garde for composition studies.Winner of the Ross W. Winterowd Award for most outstanding book in composition theory.

Routledge Applied Linguistics: Una compilación de investigación de vanguardia


Routledge Applied Linguistics: A Compilation of Cutting Edge Research.  [e-Book] London, Routledge.

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First is a chapter from Suresh Canagarajah’s  Translingual Practices, an incisive and ground-breaking book which has won three professional awards, namely MLA’s Shaughnessy Award, and the best book awards from the British and American Associations for Applied Linguistics (BAAL and AAAL). The book engages with the changes underway in communication in the context of globalization, mobility, and new technology and introduces a new way of looking at the use of English within a global context. Our second excerpt is from  The Routledge Handbook of Language and Identity edited by Siân Preece. This book provides a clear and comprehensive survey of the field of language and identity from an applied linguistics perspective and contains forty-one chapters written by specialists from around the world. Our third chapter is from another new and key handbook, The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes edited by Ken Hyland and Philip Shaw This is an accessible, authoritative and comprehensive introduction to English for Academic Purposes which covers the main theories,concepts,contexts and applications of this fast growing area of applied linguistics. Our final chapter is written by Stanton Wortham and Angela Reyes from their book,  Discourse Analysis beyond the Speech Event. This innovative work introduces a new approach to discourse analysis and argues that discourse analysts should look beyond fixed speech events and consider the development of discourses over time.

Las lenguas del patrimonio germánico en América del Norte: adquisición, desgaste y cambio



Janne Bondi, J. and C. S. Joseph (2015). [e-Book]  Germanic Heritage Languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change. Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publishing Company

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This book presents new empirical findings about Germanic heritage varieties spoken in North America: Dutch, German, Pennsylvania Dutch, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, West Frisian and Yiddish, and varieties of English spoken both by heritage speakers and in communities after language shift. The volume focuses on three critical issues underlying the notion of ‘heritage language’: acquisition, attrition and change. The book offers theoretically-informed discussions of heritage language processes across phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics and the lexicon, in addition to work on sociolinguistics, historical linguistics and contact settings. With this, the volume also includes a variety of frameworks and approaches, synchronic and diachronic. Most European Germanic languages share some central linguistic features, such as V2, gender and agreement in the nominal system, and verb inflection. As minority languages faced with a majority language like English, similarities and differences emerge in patterns of variation and change in these heritage languages. These empirical findings shed new light on mechanisms and processes.

Aprendizaje del idioma inglés y tecnología: conferencias sobre lingüística aplicada en la era de la tecnología de la información y la comunicación.


Carol, A. C. (2003). [e-Book]  English Language Learning and Technology: Lectures on applied linguistics in the age of information and communication technology. John Benjamins Publishing Company Texto completo:


This book explores implications for applied linguistics of recent developments in technologies used in second language teaching and assessment, language analysis, and language use. Focusing primarily on English language learning, the book identifies significant areas of interplay between technology and applied linguistics, and it explores current perspectives on perennial questions such as how theory and research on second language acquisition can help to inform technology-based language learning practices, how the multifaceted learning accomplished through technology can be evaluated, and how theoretical perspectives can offer insight on data obtained from research on interaction with and through technology. The book illustrates how the interplay between technology and applied linguistics can amplify and expand applied linguists’ understanding of fundamental issues in the field. Through discussion of computer-assisted approaches for investigating second language learning tasks and assessment, it illustrates how technology can be used as a tool for applied linguistics research.

Las primeras traducciones hebreas de Shakespeare: una edición bilingüe y comentarios


Kahn, L. (2017). [e-Book]  The First Hebrew Shakespeare Translations: A Bilingual Edition and Commentary. London, UCL Press, 2017.

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This first bilingual edition and analysis of the earliest Shakespeare plays translated into Hebrew – Isaac Edward Salkinson’s Ithiel the Cushite of Venice (Othello) and Ram and Jael (Romeo and Juliet) – offers a fascinating and unique perspective on global Shakespeare. Differing significantly from the original English, the translations are replete with biblical, rabbinic, and medieval Hebrew textual references and reflect a profoundly Jewish religious and cultural setting

Inglés para hispanohablantes – Principiantes: Nivel 1


English for Spanish Speakers – Beginner: Level 1, [e-Book]   Bookboon.

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CEFR A1 speaking level beginner minicourse (5 lessons). Supported by the latest research into language learning it is designed to help learners improve their English through using it in a structured and focused way during natural social interaction both online and facetoface.